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Be part of helping those far from God, come to know life in Christ.

Job Opportunity

Current ways to join a church team.  

The “Congregational Care Pastor’ will help Pathway fulfill its mission of “Helping those far from God come to know life in Christ” This is accomplished through ensuring spiritual care for the congregation and the extended community.


Biblical Care – (50%)

  • Develop and oversee a comprehensive care plan for PCC, beginning within Home Groups and Deacons, and expanding to the whole church context. This would include courses, seminars, and events to help people respond to life issues.

  • Recruit, train, and equip members of PCC for mentoring ministries. This includes identifying and equipping mentors, as well as resourcing Home Group leaders to care for their members.

  • Provide ongoing training towards care for Deacons and care volunteers.

  • Work with Deacons to provide communion services.

  • Devote time each week to connecting with attendees of PCC.

  • Officiate weddings, funerals, dedications, baptisms and celebrations.

  • Coordinate with other like-minded churches, educational institutions, and Christian counseling ministries to stay current on best practices and pertinent issues that are relevant to care.


Home Groups – (25%)

  • Develop a comprehensive strategy for the continued growth of our Home Group ministry that includes a Home Group leadership team.

  • Recruit, train, and equip members for Home Group leadership.

  • Give direction and pastoral oversight to curriculum.

  • Ensure the provision of weekly curriculum for Home Groups that is consistent with our doctrinal convictions.

  • Connect regularly with Home Group leaders for open communication, meaningful encouragement/accountability, and pastoral care.

  • Oversee and coordinate the organization of Home Groups, including the placement of members, appointment of leaders, and the creation of new groups.

  • Provide ongoing analysis and evaluation of the effectiveness of our Home Group ministry, and each individual group.

  • Provide an intentional plan for raising future Home Group leaders, curriculum writers, and other such positions to accommodate ongoing congregational needs.


Spiritual Counseling – (20%)

  • Be available for crisis care, reconciliation ministry, and confronting sin issues in the lives of individuals.

  • Pursue initial counseling opportunities. This would involve meeting with congregants to assess the level of care needed and provide resources for accessing that care. (Including referrals to professional agencies)

Professional Development/Personal Growth — (5%)

  • Devotes time to spiritual, mental, physical development and well-being through personal disciplines.

  • Attend courses/workshops as appropriate.

  • In collaboration with the lead pastor, annually develop ministry SMART goals. (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time bound)



  • Ability to lead effectively in a collaborative culture of empowerment and decentralized decision making.

  • BA or BS degree desirable, comparable experience acceptable.

  • Meets Biblical qualifications for church leadership. (1st Timothy 3, Titus 1)

  • Excels in strategic planning and discipleship.

  • Highly compassionate and relationally focused.

  • Motivated from meeting with people in large and small group environments.

  • Have a strong level of competency with crisis management, interpersonal relational skills, and positive solutions-based thinking.

  • Strong listening, leadership, and critical thinking skills.

  • Experience in building and leading volunteer teams.

  • Willingness to sign the Covenant of Personal and Professional Ethics of the Evangelical Free Church of Canada.

  • Strong, effective written and verbal communication.

To apply for the Congregational Care Position email


Service Opportunities

Check out the ways you can get involved with our teams at Pathway. Each of our teams is focused on Helping Those Far From God, Come to Know A Life In Christ.

Mission Team

Our team’s purpose is to lead the Church in supporting international missionaries as well as local outreach opportunities. We are committed to praying for our missions and often host events within the community that encourage people to fellowship together and to develop a closer relationship with Christ. If serving with like-minded people that are interested in mission work peaks your interest, connect with our team at


Creative Team

The Graphics, Photography, and Web Team coordinate basically anything visual. If you are interested in graphic design, the production arts, photography, or web development then this may be the team for you.



The Hospitality Team provides a smiling face, a warm handshake, and a friendly welcome to make people feel at home at Pathway - while also acting as a quick information reference for first-time guests in every area they serve.




The Coffee Team serves the church family by maintaining a popular gathering spot in the church—the coffee bar. Each week they set up, keep the coffee percolating, and clean up.



They operate the information table while warmly welcoming and answering the questions of first-time attendees.

empty room-7.jpg

Audio, Visual Teams

This team has a passion for God’s Word to be heard with clarity, and to be presented with colour and motion in many of our environments! If you are interested in sound systems, lighting or visual presentation then this may be the place for you.


Host a Home Group

Hosting a home group means you’d be extending your home to a group of people who want to dive deeper. It would be a closer look at the messages given on Sunday mornings, with six to ten people being the ideal group size. If you’d like to hear more about becoming a host to a home group, you can email

Common Questions

Getting involved at Pathway doesn't look just one way! There are may ways to join in the mission of helping those far from God come to know life in Christ. We seek for those who have a passion for that same mission to join with us in the ways God has gifted you. Now that might be front and center, or that might mean behind the scene. It really doesn't matter, when we work together for His glory!
On our "Get Involved" webpage you'll be able to see all the services area's that are currently looking to add to their teams. You can also email if you are interested in an area you don't see listed.
Some areas might have age requirements but it's always worth asking anyways.
At Pathway we do not require you to be a member of the church but require that those serving be active participants in church programming. 

All volunteers are asked to be a regular attender of Pathway for 6 months before joining a volunteer team.
That's an easy one! Give us a call or email and we'll set up a time to connect with you and see where your gifts and talents would fit best in serving at Pathway.
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