This 4-part series will help guide us through some fundamental aspects of defending the Christian faith.


January & February 2020

We prepare our hearts and minds as we head into the Christmas season.


December, 2019 & January 2020

A book study on 1 Thessalonians about building the model church.

1 Thessalonians

October & November, 2019

Remaining thankful is not always easy but press into God and it is worth it!

Give. Thanks.

October, 2019

If something is uncomfortable, we want to avoid it at all costs. The Christian faith, though, is just that: uncomfortable.


September & October, 2019

Often the best way to describe our faith in God is…Strange. We are going to look at some of the ways God asks us to have a stranger faith.

Stranger Faith

August & September, 2019

This series looks at what we can learn about our faith through the lens of super hero movies.

Super Summer Series

July, 2019

Let the Word tell you what road to take, where you need to make a course adjustment and whether the path that you are on is the right one or not.


May & June, 2019

Doubt’s come and go in life and the key is learning how to manage doubt in a constructive way.

Season of Doubt

April & May, 2019

Learning to deal with misconceptions people have about God that reduce Him to less than He is

Your God is Too...

March & April, 2019

This series will help us to understand the decisions we can make that lead to costly ruin and heartache and how to move in the opposite direction.

How to Ruin Your Life

February & March, 2019

Does God Exist?

Is God Good?

Is The Bible Reliable?

Did Jesus Rise?