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Office Staff

Rob Haslam


If you have the time and the inclination you should look up the phrase “pillars of Hercules”. It’s a small British Protected Territory on the southern peninsula of Spain and it’s where I’m from. My family immigrated to Canada in 1977 into the north end of Winnipeg. Needless to say that I like many others learned what it meant to run. Coming from a non-Christian home I had no use for faith growing up. But God has a tendency to change our minds and in 1989 He did just that.  


Since ’89 God has moved me towards ministry, giving me opportunities to intern for 2 years in one church, serve 8 years in another, 3 years running an at risk teen drop-in centre, and serving in a church again as a Youth Pastor. All the while God was brewing within me this passion for seeing those far from God come to know life in Christ and in 2010, everything changed. Since then I have been the Lead Pastor of Pathway Community Church and it’s been an awesome adventure. 


I’m married to my bride, Janet and we have two amazing blenders without lids. Therone and Morgan, who are our pride and joy. I love car audio, reading and documentaries (Geek-boy is what my wife calls me). My favourite movie is a tossup between Princess Bride and Lord of the Rings Trilogy. 

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Andrew Sherman


Getting to serve Jesus is what I love to do. I have been blessed to serve in a handful of churches around the world including in Utah, Florida and in Ireland. As of April 2019 I started as the Executive Pastor at Pathway and I am enjoying my responsibilities that allow me to work closely with the people and their personal growth within the Kingdom of God and the community. In January 2012 I married my wife, Jackie. We have been blessed with three beautiful little girls. I love woodworking and playing music. I read as often as I can, mostly World War Two books.

I enjoy hunting and fishing and my favourite movie is “A River Runs Through It”. You will rarely see me in anything but jeans and a flannel shirt.  I guess I was just made for colder weather. 

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Janet Haslam

Kids Director 

Leadership Board

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Nick Snieder

Board Chair
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Sam Reimer

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Randy Froese

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Rob Haslam

Board Vice-Chair
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Janet Haslam

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Daryl Klassen

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Andrew Sherman

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Joanne Klassen

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Myron Janzen

Lead Team-EDITS-21.jpg

Anne Janzen

Job Openings


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George Unrau

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Lena Unrau

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John Harder

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Helen Harder

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Marvin Klassen

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Rosemary Dubyk

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Jolene Fehr

Dick Fehr

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