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Sometimes we think of the Old Testament as the Jewish bible and other than the story of creation and the Pslam’s we just kinda write it off. The thing is, Jesus has been there from the very first sentence of Genesis. Join this course for a weekly study of Finding Jesus in the Old Testament. Sign up on the Church Center App today.

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Jesus In The Old Testament

Spurred on by a anti-trafficking trip to Thailand, we will be launching course to learn how we can help end human trafficking and modern day slavery. Sign up on the Church Center App today.

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Justice & Freedom

On January 26th Pathway will be hosting the Chapel service at Boundary Trails Hospital. We are looking for 8-10 volunteers to help out with this ministry. The volunteers help bring patients to and from their rooms for the service and take party in the worship experience for the morning. Sign up at the welcome booth.

BTHC Sunday Service

On February 3 the Date night tour will be coming to Pathway Community Church. A night of clean comedy for couples. Tickets and info available at the welcome booth and at funandfaith.ca.

7:00 PM


Join us on February 16th for a potluck lunch to celebrate 10 years of Pathway! Lunch will follow directly after our Sunday service. Sign up at the welcome booth. Everyone Welcome!

12:30 PM